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It’s the New Year and the 2010 SHA graduates are back in their offices, but rest assured that achieving healthy, engaged boards, forming brand new visions and, best of all, exploring new possibilities are among their New Year’s resolutions!

As is typical this time of year, a little reflection on the previous year’s accomplishments is in order:

First of all, Congratulations to the 2010 SHA class! May your SHA experience be pivotal!

Next, a hearty congratulations to SHA Coordinator, John Durel, on the very successful completion of his first year. May this be the start of a wonderful run!

Another item that comes to mind is to thank the founding chair of the SHA Alumni Committee, Cinnamon Catlin-Legutko, for her leadership and guidance of such a new committee. Thanks to her, we have a good list of SHA graduates now compiled, a presentation available (for your use if you would like to be a SHA advocate) and a survey which will soon yield valuable information to help guide the Alumni Committee’s work in the future. Most importantly, she oversaw a very successful fundraising effort to honor former SHA Coordinator, Denny O’Toole, and provide a scholarship for the 2010 class. Thank you, Cinnamon!

Finally, sincere gratitude to the SHA partners for another successful year: American Association of Museums, American Association of State and Local History, Colonial Williamsburg, the Indiana Historical Society, National Museum of African American History and Culture and the National Trust for Historic Preservation. It cannot be done without you! Thank you!

The natural thought process then begins to lead us into what we hope to accomplish in 2011. Here are a few items on my list as the new Chair of the SHA Alumni Committee:

Continue to be active and engaged as a committee in order to attract well-qualified applicants for the 2011 class.

Continue the wonderful O’Toole scholarship for 2011—with the generous support of the SHA Alumni, Faculty and Friends of course! Watch for your donation letter to arrive soon…

Engage ANY willing SHA graduate with new opportunities to advocate for the SHA program. If you are interested in being a mentor for new attendees, presenting a session at state or regional meeting, organizing a SHA regional meeting or a variety of other fun opportunities, please contact me at

Finally, continue to give back to the SHA program in new and innovative ways.

Happy New Year!

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