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Forecasting the Future of History Organizations and Their Leaders

John Durel, SHA Coordinator and his wife Anita have posted an excellent blog entry at AAM’s Center for the Future of Museums on the Future of History Organizations and Their Leaders.

We encourage you to go to for the full post. In the meantime, here’s a snippet:

For three weeks every November leaders and practitioners from the field of the public history meet at Developing History Leaders @SHA to discuss challenges and future directions for history organizations.  This week’s blog post is by John Durel, who coordinates SHA, and his partner, Anita Durel. John and Anita work with museum executives nationwide and have written frequently about museums and cultural organizations.

The public history field—history museums, historical societies, historic sites and archives—has reached a tipping point. Driven by the need to develop financially sustainable operating models, the impact of technology how individuals access and share information and most importantly the emergence and favorable reception of new leaders with entrepreneurial acumen, the field is no longer hesitant or resistant to change. Though some organizations are lagging, we see a blossoming of ideas and new approaches that promise to make history relevant, meaningful and useful in today’s world.

This is a time of innovation. Here are ten developments we see coming in the years ahead (read more at

Drum roll please…Developing History Leaders has a NEW WEBSITE!!!

SHA Alumni, Blog followers, PLEASE TAKE NOTE…

The sponsors, SHA Alumni Committee members and all of those involved with Developing History Leaders @ SHA are very excited to announce the launch of the  brand new Developing History Leaders website at  Please visit to see the many new opportunities to learn about Developing History Leaders@SHA, download a video or application and keep up with the latest issues faced by our fellow leaders.

There is one small issue that we need your help with.  The current blog, which has about 75 followers, was imported into the new website however it isn’t working right.   If you are a follower of the current blog , you must sign up as a follower again for the new blog on the new website in order to receive updates. You can do this very easily!  Just go to the new website ( and fill out the “Subscribe to our blog” form in the sidebar.  We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience, however, we want to make sure everyone is kept up to date with the latest blog entries.  Thank you for your patience!

If you are new to the site, WELCOME!!!  Please take this opportunity to learn more and follow the blog…just fill out the “Subscribe to our blog” form on the website.



Laura J. Minzes, Chair
SHA Alumni Committee

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