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Indianapolis as a Classroom

One of the great benefits of the SHA experience is the variety of institutions in and around Indianapolis available for  SHA’rs to visit and learn from. As Michelle Moon, a member of the Class of 2007, once noted in suggestions to the incoming Class of 2008, “Indianapolis is a classroom, take advantage of it.”

The SHA curriculum also includes  several “formal” field trips, including a day on museum leadership at the Benjamin Harrison Home, Indiana Medical History Museum, and the Eiteljorg.

The Medical History Museum is a gem, and truly unique. (So unique that its former part-time employee, Jeff Kollath (SHA 2009) says its one of the only places he continues to donate to despite the fact that he no longer works there!)

So it was with great interest that I came across this article via a Google Alert. For those of you who’ve attended SHA, I know you’ll appreciate seeing it. For those of you who are considering SHA, perhaps this story might pique your interest.

Museum’s Brain Collection Could Hold Vital Clues: Researchers Work With Indiana Medical History Museum:

Me? My stomach is way too weak for that place! But we really appreciate having it on the SHA curriculum.

Bob Beatty


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