Developing History Leaders

Below is excerpted from an email from Kent Whitworth, Director of the Kentucky Historical Society. An SHA grad himself, Kent sent the following to his fellow CEOs commenting on his support of the SHA program.


Dear Colleagues,

Your organization, like the Kentucky Historical Society, probably has experienced major changes since 2008.  By July 1st of this year, our general fund budget will have been cut by 49%.  We now operate with far fewer staff, yet we are doing far better work.  This is in large part due to the leaders we have developed on our staff.  Four of those leaders are recent graduates of the Seminar for Historical Administration:

* Jody Blankenship, Director of Education, SHA 2007

* Trevor Jones, Director of Museum Collections & Exhibitions, SHA 2009

* Scott Alvey, Assistant Director, SHA 2010

* Sarah Milligan, KY Oral History Commission Administrator, SHA 2011

In my view the Seminar is the single best investment you can make in developing leaders for your organization.  The cost (around $3,500) and the time away (3 weeks in November) are not insignificant; however, in our experience it’s worth it.  In return you gain a leader who is more knowledgeable about issues and best practices, more confident and ready to take on new responsibilities, able to pick up the phone to talk with colleagues about new ideas, and more committed to the overall success of your institution.

I urge you to encourage someone with leadership potential in your organization to apply this year. Applications are due May 21.  You can get more information here.

Thanks for considering this. You won’t regret it.


Kent Whitworth

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