Guidance: Pass It On

The weather may be a bit off kilter, but believe it or not, it is officially springtime and that means it is time to prepare for AAM; this year’s annual meeting is in Minneapolis. AAM’s annual meeting is a great opportunity to reconnect with friends and former colleagues, maybe even with fellow classmates and alumni. It provides a chance to reconnect and reflect on how we got into the museum business and how we have managed to stay in this whirlwind field. By removing all those troublesome day to day activities, we can remember what we love about our jobs and our profession.

Attending AAM is a great opportunity and one to take advantage of when possible. One specific opportunity available at AAM is the Seminar for Historical Administration (SHA) Reception. It will be on Tuesday, May 1 at 5:30 pm. All SHA Alums are invited to attend as well as potential applicants.

If you are thinking about applying to SHA, or if you have applied to SHA and want to talk with alumni please attend the reception. In addition to encouraging you to attend the reception, I also encourage you to think about people you know who would be right for SHA.

Many people have had mentors, someone to look to for advice and guidance, supervisor or not, officially designated or not, who can help you to prepare for the path ahead. Are you a mentor to someone in our field? You can recommend the program without being a supervisor to that person, or even working at their institution. When one of my mentors told me to apply, I didn’t know much about SHA though I am very grateful for their suggestions and encouragement. It was the exact right program and the right time.

So I am asking members of our field, “Who should apply to this program? Who would be a good fit for Developing History Leaders at SHA?” You most likely know someone who should.

Be a mentor, encourage or recommend someone to apply, or look into the program on your own. Join me at AAM. See you there!


Kat Burkhart, Carnegie Museum of Montgomery County

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