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SHA: Not Only Refreshing, but Empowering

The final entry in the SHA Class of 2011’s “Why You Should Attend SHA” series on the Museum Minute blog.

This comes from  Dr. Patricia Williams Lessane, Executive Director at the Avery Research Center at The College of Charleston

Patricia recalls her SHA experience as both refreshing and empowering and admits, “I didn’t know what to expect when I applied for SHA. I only knew that I needed to take some time away from my job to sharpen my vision for my institution and for myself as a museum leader.”

Yet, she reports, “The thoughtfully-selected readings, webinars, and fieldtrips gave me insight about infrastructure, fundraising, teambuilding, and strategic planning—all integral parts of our work as museum leaders. My SHA experience was a great one and I feel like my work at Avery has been greatly impacted by my participation.”

Click here for all of Patricia’s thoughts on SHA.You can also go here to read all 11 responses from the SHA Class of 2011.

Our thanks to Jamie Glavic (and on Twitter) for organizing this incredible series for us. 

SHA: A Necessary Catalyst that Helped Refine & Affirm My Place in the Field & Commitment to It

Lillian Diep, Creative Content Manager at the Homestead Museum in City of Industry, California, has offered her thoughts on why attendance at SHA is well worth it.

As she notes, “SHA is not the only professional development opportunity out there, but I will be bold enough to say that it is by far the best that I have experienced. Apply! Apply! Apply!”

To read the full post at the Museum Minute blog, click here

SHA is an Awesome “Camp” for Adults in Our Field

Yesterday, Cynthia Capers, Associate Director of Education and Changing Exhibitions at the Holocaust Museum Houston in Houston, Texas, weighed in with her thoughts on the continuing “Why you should attend SHA” meme.

Cynthia noted that SHA is like a summer camp environment for history professionals. Have not yet heard the seminar described so clearly as such–but certainly graduates of the program express a similar sentiment.

Read the rest of Cynthia’s post at the Museum Minute blog here

Applications for the Class of 2012 are due May 21.

From a Culture of SHA, I am in Hook, Line & Sinker

In today’s “Why Should You Attend SHA?” post, Sarah Milligan, KY Oral History Commission Administrator and SHA Class of 2011 shares how SHA has impacted her institution, the Kentucky Historical Society

Sarah notes, “if you are looking for your own individual professional growth OR your institution is ready to start shifting towards the ‘new reality’ (or ‘new normal’) of the twenty-teens, this experience can get you there.”

For the full post, click here.

SHA Reminded Me How Lucky I Am To Do What I Do

Jamie Glavic is creative and digital content manager of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center and also a contributor to the Museum Minute blog.

In this latest installment of “Why You Should Attend SHA” Jamie share that the program helped rekindle her love and passion for the field.

Read her full post here

SHA is a Career-Changing Experience

Today’s “Why Should You Attend SHA?” Museum Minute blog post is brought to you by Becca Loofbourrow (@rloofbou), Coordinator of the Indiana Jr. Historical Society at the Indiana Historical Society in Indianapolis. (Indianapolis is also home to SHA.)

In her post, Becca shares the profound effect SHA has had on her career. For details, read her full post here.

Other reasons the SHA Class of 2011 has shared “Why You Should Attend SHA

#11: Attending professional conferences is no substitute for the SHA experience! (Bob Hart)

#10: SHA is the optimal learning environment. (Kyle McKoy)

#9: SHA: Unbeatable professional training & powerful personal relationships (Mark Sundlov)

#8: SHA: A Fertile Environment for Real Learning, Powerful Networking & Organizational Change (Jason Crabill)

#7: SHA is a Career-Changing Experience (Becca Loofbourrow)

SHA: A Fertile Environment for Real Learning, Powerful Networking & Organizational Change

Continuing with the 11 posts in 11 days from the SHA Class of 2011 meme at the Museum Minute blog, Class of 2011 member Jason Crabill Manager of Curatorial Services at the Ohio Historical Society in Columbus, OH, weighs in with his thoughts: 

“SHA Offers a Fertile Environment for Real Learning, Powerful Networking & Organizational Change.”

 CLICK HERE to read Jason’s full blog post.

SHA: Unbeatable Professional Training & Powerful Personal Relationships

Mark Sundlov, SHA 2011 and Site Supervisor at the Ronald Reagan Minuteman Missile State Historic Site in Cooperstown, North Dakota weighs in with Reason #9 to attend SHA

“Unbeatable Professional Training & Powerful Personal Relationships.”

Read Mark’s full post at the Museum Minute blog here

Applications for the Class of 2012 are due May 21.

Museum Minute blog reason #10 to attend SHA

“SHA is the optimal learning environment,” according to Kyle McCoy SHA ’11 and Director at the Arizona Historical Society Museum at Papago Park.

Read her full post at the Museum Minute blog here

There’s no substitute for SHA

Between now and May 21, the Museum Minute blog will share a post each day from a member of the SHA Class of 2011.

The first entry comes from Bob Hart Executive Director at the Lane County Historical Society and Museum in Eugene, Oregon.

Read Bob’s post, Professional Conferences Are No Substitute For The SHA Experience

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