SHA is a Career-Changing Experience

Today’s “Why Should You Attend SHA?” Museum Minute blog post is brought to you by Becca Loofbourrow (@rloofbou), Coordinator of the Indiana Jr. Historical Society at the Indiana Historical Society in Indianapolis. (Indianapolis is also home to SHA.)

In her post, Becca shares the profound effect SHA has had on her career. For details, read her full post here.

Other reasons the SHA Class of 2011 has shared “Why You Should Attend SHA

#11: Attending professional conferences is no substitute for the SHA experience! (Bob Hart)

#10: SHA is the optimal learning environment. (Kyle McKoy)

#9: SHA: Unbeatable professional training & powerful personal relationships (Mark Sundlov)

#8: SHA: A Fertile Environment for Real Learning, Powerful Networking & Organizational Change (Jason Crabill)

#7: SHA is a Career-Changing Experience (Becca Loofbourrow)

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