SHA: Not Only Refreshing, but Empowering

The final entry in the SHA Class of 2011’s “Why You Should Attend SHA” series on the Museum Minute blog.

This comes from  Dr. Patricia Williams Lessane, Executive Director at the Avery Research Center at The College of Charleston

Patricia recalls her SHA experience as both refreshing and empowering and admits, “I didn’t know what to expect when I applied for SHA. I only knew that I needed to take some time away from my job to sharpen my vision for my institution and for myself as a museum leader.”

Yet, she reports, “The thoughtfully-selected readings, webinars, and fieldtrips gave me insight about infrastructure, fundraising, teambuilding, and strategic planning—all integral parts of our work as museum leaders. My SHA experience was a great one and I feel like my work at Avery has been greatly impacted by my participation.”

Click here for all of Patricia’s thoughts on SHA.You can also go here to read all 11 responses from the SHA Class of 2011.

Our thanks to Jamie Glavic (and on Twitter) for organizing this incredible series for us. 

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