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One thing (or another) leads you to Developing History Leaders @ SHA

You know that great feeling you get while researching something and you find a nugget of info that leads you to another nugget?  It just goes on and on from there until you find the result, which is sometimes surprising and not even what you imagined you were looking for?  Well, that’s what happened to me a few weeks ago when I was researching topics to help me write this very blog post. 

I ran across a blog post from Jamie Glavic, whose blog, museumminute, I’ve written about before and who is a 2011 SHA graduate.  Jamie changed jobs in July, 2012 and in her July 13 blog post, as she prepared to start her new gig, she asked you all, her fellow museum professionals, for advice/feedback in starting her new job.  You can see her post here:

In that same post, she also mentions another blog from Curator Journal which poses the question:

What one piece of career advice would you offer an emerging museum professional?

The question might as well have been screamed off the page at me!  For I, and many, many others, know the immediate no-thinking-necessary response we have for those emerging museum professionals:


Right now, go to the website (and check out the blog too) at and consider applying!

I checked out the Curator Journal comments and of course, added the same, only in a somewhat more subdued manner.  Then the comments to Jamie’s blog request caught my eye.  One piece of advice with the response of “BE BOLD!” stood out.  See, this advice was from one of her fellow Developing History Leaders @ SHA graduates, Mark Sundlov, quoting back to her what had become a Class of 2011 catch phrase during their time in Indy.  

So, this research project of mine had lead me to Jamie’s blog, which had lead me to the Curator Journal inquiry (where I could once again shamelessly plug SHA) which then lead me to a supreme example of why you should attend SHA…The coursework is fabulous of course, you learn to ask the right questions, form the best boards and engage your communities among other topics.  There is, however, nothing equal to the power of the relationships and network you form and from which you can receive a simple two-word note of encouragement.   Yes, indeed, BE BOLD! Attend Developing History Leaders @ SHA…    


The Curator Journal Blog can be found at

Jamie Glavic’s Blog, MuseumMinute can be found at

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