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Class of 2012 gets started

Guest blog post by Maureen Ward, Canadian Museum of Civilization

On Sunday, October 28th, 2012, twenty of us gather from fifteen states and four countries to begin the SHA experience.

Our gracious host, Erin welcomes us to our ‘classroom’ for the next three weeks – the Indiana Historical Society,

…and treats us to a behind-the-scenes tour where we follow the path of a paper based acquisition.

..who knows what story this one will eventually tell.

Bill Tramposch’s keywords from his keynote.

Ready, Set, GO

In two days the 2012 class of Developing History Leaders @ SHA will arrive in Indianapolis for three weeks of intense learning about the issues and opportunities facing public history organizations today. To paraphrase Mark Sundlov from last year’s class, they will be challenged! I’m looking forward to dynamic dialogue and problem solving as the 20 members of the class engage with 33 faculty who will be joining us, one or two at a time, for a day or two each. We’ll cover topics from digital technology to financial sustainability, from managing organizational change to addressing divisive history, from alternative uses for  historic properties to community leadership.

In past years I’ve posted a blog two or three times a week reporting on the topics we are covering. This year I’m going to invite class members to post guest blogs, so that you will hear first hand about what they are discussing, both in the classroom and informally in the evening at the hotel. For those of you who have attended the seminar in the past, this will bring back memories and keep you up to date on the issues. For those who have not yet attended, this will give you a better understanding of the value of the seminar.

We’ll welcome your comments to our posts. Join us in this exciting dialogue and learning for history leaders.

Announcing the Class of 2012

Please join me in welcoming the SHA Class of 2012. The class includes 21 history professionals representing institutions from across the spectrum and from as far away as Alaska and the Caribbean!

They will be journeying to Indianapolis in late October and spend three weeks in this amazing program.

Below, in alphabetical order, is the Class of 2012.

Rachel Baum Manager of Family Programs Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello

Marisa Berman Executive Director Queens Historical Society

Bill Brewster Curator of Collections First Division Museum

Bethany Buckingham Curator Dorothy G. Page Museum

Jose Delanoy Administrator Pablo Casals Museum

Jessica Dorman Director of Publications The Historic New Orleans Collection

Emily Dunnack Head of Education Programs Connecticut Historical Society

Jessica Ellison Communications Specialist Minnesota Historical Society

Leo Goodsell Executive Director Historic Westville

Callie Hawkins Curator of Education President Lincoln’s Cottage

Stacia Kuceyeski Manager, Educational Partnerships and Outreach Ohio Historical Society

J.J. Lamb Director Vail Preservation Society

Heather Mead Director of Programming Heritage Museums & Gardens

Mike Reuter Executive Director Rock County Historical Society

Jeannette Rooney Coordinator, Local History Services Indiana Historical Society

Liz Scott Shatto Director Heart of the Civil War Heritage Area

Ryan Spencer Manager, Firestone Farm and Equine Operations The Henry Ford

Kim Outten Stubbs Chief Curator The National Museum of the Bahamas/Antiquities, Monuments and Museum Corporation

Beth Van Allen Assistant Director, Civil War Governors of Kentucky Digital Documentary Edition Kentucky Historical Society

Maureen Ward Manager, Public Programs Canadian Museum of Civilization

Allison Wickens Director of Education National Postal Museum, Smithsonian Institution

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