Ready, Set, GO

In two days the 2012 class of Developing History Leaders @ SHA will arrive in Indianapolis for three weeks of intense learning about the issues and opportunities facing public history organizations today. To paraphrase Mark Sundlov from last year’s class, they will be challenged! I’m looking forward to dynamic dialogue and problem solving as the 20 members of the class engage with 33 faculty who will be joining us, one or two at a time, for a day or two each. We’ll cover topics from digital technology to financial sustainability, from managing organizational change to addressing divisive history, from alternative uses for  historic properties to community leadership.

In past years I’ve posted a blog two or three times a week reporting on the topics we are covering. This year I’m going to invite class members to post guest blogs, so that you will hear first hand about what they are discussing, both in the classroom and informally in the evening at the hotel. For those of you who have attended the seminar in the past, this will bring back memories and keep you up to date on the issues. For those who have not yet attended, this will give you a better understanding of the value of the seminar.

We’ll welcome your comments to our posts. Join us in this exciting dialogue and learning for history leaders.


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