Of interest to SHA’rs

Last year, Brent Leggs of the National Trust for Historic Preservation (one of the six SHA partners), presented in Indianapolis on Grassroots Leadership. You may remember a previous post here “Be Nimble” about the local historic preservation story of Bethel Cathedral AME Church in Indianapolis. In fact, Brent adapted his SHA curriculum to include Rev. Carey Grady of the church.

I have provided my long-winded intro to inspire you to check out Brent’s latest post on the National Trust’s Preservation Nation blog: “Preserving African-American Historic Places: New Resource Available.”

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  1. Great article. We have several sites in our community that are relevant to African-American history that, frankly, are “hidden in plain sight” and largely unknown. We need to work hard on the local level to include these sites and stories in advocacy- even on the most basic level like walking/biking tours.

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