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SHA a “Formative Program”

Part of my job is to follow the trends happening in the field of history organizations. For the most part I get this information from blogs I follow, Twitter or LinkedIn, or just folks sending me an email.

(In the case of this article, “Selling history: Museums, sites find creative ways to attract patrons,” I saw it on Twitter and via email.)

Many of us know all too well the challenge of presenting history’s fascinating stories to an often disengaged public. As the article notes, “That challenge forces the managers of historical sites and museums to be alert to ways of telling their stories that sometimes seem far removed from history.”

What struck me was not as much the content of the article, rather, it’s a quote from Andy Masich, who attended SHA in 1982:

“You can’t force things on an audience,” he said. “You have to match the medium with the audience.”

Masich says such thinking is more common now, but in the late 1970s when he was in graduate school, he never encountered it until he went to a seminar for historical administration at Williamsburg, Va. He calls that event a “formative program” in his thinking of steering a museum.

What the author Bob Karlovits calls “a seminar for historical administration” was actually “The Seminar for Historical Administration”- now Developing History Leaders @SHA.

Thirty years later, the experience still resonates with Andy. How will SHA impact your career?

For the full article go here.

For more information on the Class of 1982, see this article from Andy’s classmate Jim Vaughan.

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