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A Sneak Peak into SHA

Developing History Leaders @SHA is an unrivaled professional development experience.

And I’m not just saying this because I am the chair of the Alumni Committee. It’s true.

SHA is a distinctive, one-of-a-kind experience because it combines depth, in the form of three weeks of engaging deep discussion about issues facing the history/museum field, with breadth—discussions led by nationally recognized leaders in the history/museum field. SHA brings current and future leaders together to learn from each other, challenge one another, and develop life-long relationships, all in an intimate and collegial atmosphere.

If you’ve heard my spiel before (which, if you’ve ever met me or ran into me at a conference, I’m sure you have), you know that I’m an advocate for the SHA program – not only because of what it has done for me and my own career, but also because of what I have seen the program do to shape the lives and careers of so many of my peers and colleagues.

SHA is the real deal.

Want proof? The SHA Alumni committee would like to offer you a sneak peak into what goes on within the walls of the Indiana Historical Society during those transformative three weeks. This year’s Seminar keynote speaker, Katherine Kane, Executive Director at the Harriet Beecher Stowe Center, graciously agreed to have her program opening talk recorded (H/T to SHA Alum and Former Alumni Chair Laura Minzes for capturing it!).

There are two versions of Katherine’s talk available on the AASLH YouTube Channel for your viewing (and sharing) pleasure – one version is 48 minutes long and the other is an eight minute excerpt.

Interested in applying for SHA? Watch the video.

Do you know of someone who may be interested in learning more about the program? Share the video.

Are you an alum or an organization that supports SHA? Watch, then share the video.

SHA matters because what we do matters. SHA matters because it challenges emerging leaders in the profession to take risks, question commonly-held assumptions and think differently about how their work can impact the cultural heritage field around them. SHA matters because it helps participants create a leadership toolkit and professional network that can help guide their careers. And, maybe most importantly, SHA matters because it guides, supports, and encourages the growth of its participants – the current and future leaders in the field – who will make what we do possible far into the future.

Applications for the Class of 2014 are due May 19, 2014. Click here for more information.

Special thanks to ISMHS Media Manager Leslie Lorance  and SHA Alum Richard Cooper for their assistance!

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