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Alumni: It’s Fundraising Season

Not only is it application season for Developing History Leaders @SHA (application materials are due on Monday, May 19) – it’s also fundraising season.

The 54th Class of Developing History Leaders @SHA will commence in Indianapolis on November 1, 2014. We all know that the value of the experience far exceeds its cost, but the reality is that there are indeed real costs required to not only make SHA happen, but to insure that it continues to be the most valuable professional development opportunity out there for leaders in history organizations.

Your support is needed to continue to make scholarship opportunities available to professionals who may not otherwise be able to participate in SHA. Today, I’m asking you to donate to the Denny O’Toole Scholarship for the Class of 2014. This is an opportunity to give back to a program that, I suspect, has opened doors in your career, challenged you to better yourself professionally, and has changed the way leaders in our field (yes, I’m talking about you) think about the future and how to make it brighter. By contributing to this scholarship, you will be helping a future leader reach not only their dreams, but also their potential!

Class of 2011

Class of 2011

In the spirit of friendly competition, and following the enthusiasm of last year’s fundraising campaign, the SHA Alumni Committee would like to continue the Alumni Class Fundraising Competition. The Class of 2011, the smallest SHA class in recent history, won last year’s fundraising competition. What did they get? Bragging rights mostly (if you know that group – which I do well, since I am a member – that suits them just fine). They were also recognized at the SHA reception at the AASLH Annual Meeting in Birmingham, Alabama.

This year the stakes are a bit higher – there’s a trophy on the line – which won’t be revealed until this year’s AASLH Annual Meeting in St. Paul, Minnesota. And, really, who doesn’t like a trophy?

Donations have already started coming in, thanks to the impromptu donation drive at last year’s SHA Reception.  The leader board currently stands as follows:

1st Place: Class of 2012
Donations: $420

2nd Place: Class of 2010
Donations: $220

3rd Place: Class of 2011
Donations: $100

The time to donate is now. Share this post with your SHA classmates, support the program that brought you together and created your unique network, and help make the SHA experience available to a history professional who needs it. Thank you for considering supporting a scholarship for the Class of 2014. I’ve donated – have you?

Click here to donate online and select the SHA Denny O’Toole Scholarship Fund.

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