DHL@SHA: Leading Change, Having Impact

Developing History Leaders @SHA is for public history practitioners who are ready to improve their knowledge and skills for leadership in a world that is changing rapidly. The forces of change – technological, economic, demographic, cultural – demand a response. To remain vibrant, history organizations must find new ways to serve the public and steward their collections. There is no single way to do this. Rather, leaders must create environments where staffs can be innovative and responsive to the needs and aspirations of the communities they serve.

This year’s seminar will offer many opportunities to learn and discuss the many challenges we face. We’ll see how current leaders are setting new directions and managing change in their organizations. We will also look at fundamentals, such as how to raise money, how to measure impact, and how to lead change in your organization when you’re not the boss.

To set the stage for our discussions, Janet Gallimore from the Idaho State Historical Society will give the keynote. She has been one of the leaders of the History Relevance Campaign, which originated in a conversation over dinner at the seminar in 2012. What started out as informal discussions has become a broader network of individuals who desire to elevate the value and position of history and its inherent skills in the United States. The intent is to serve as a catalyst for discovering, demonstrating, and promulgating the relevance of history for individuals, communities, and the nation.

New this year will be sessions by Cinnamon Catlin-Legutko, Executive Director of the Abbe Museum, on principles and practices of leadership that foster meaningful engagement in the life of a community; Sarah Pharaon from the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience on using historic places to facilitate understanding and dialogue on issues of social justice; and Susan West Montgomery from the National Trust on what role your organization can play in helping to save historic places in your community and region.

It’s an exciting time to be working in history organizations – to be preserving the past and using history to benefit others. So if you want to ready yourself to be a leader in our field – whether as an executive director or as head of a major function – then I urge you to apply. There is no better way to further your career.

John Durel, Coordinator, DHL@SHA

Applications for SHA are due Monday, May 19. For more information, click here.

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