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I’ll keep this short—I know you are busy. If you are reading this, you are considering applying for Developing History Leaders @ SHA (previously known as the Seminar for Historical Administration), or you’re a graduate of this esteemed program.

If you are a graduate, you fully understand and are deeply appreciative of the positive influence that SHA has had (and continues to have) on your career. You know that the knowledge and wisdom that you gained in SHA, along with the network of co-conspirators that you developed through the program, have been absolutely invaluable to your success in your field.

However, for potential applicants, SHA is actually not invaluable—in fact, it has a very fixed value—about $3,000. And, unfortunately, for too many potential applicants that cost is simply beyond reach—a bridge too far.

Although I know they would love to do it, the leaders of Developing History Leaders @ SHA can’t ignore or underwrite the cost—there are very real costs to running this program and the bills must be paid.

However, those leaders have developed a scholarship program to underwrite the tuition of at least one talented applicant – the Denny O’Toole Scholarship Fund.

Now, it’s time for the graduates, who have reaped invaluable benefits (and probably more than one pay raise) to ante up and kick in to support the SHA scholarship program. Give back to a program that has given you so much—the least we can do is to underwrite at least one person’s $3,000 tuition.

Click here to donate and select the SHA Denny O’Toole Scholarship Fund.

Mark Sundlov (SHA ’11), Ohio Historical Society

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