Movin’, Movin’, Movin’

-by Mark Sundlov

Although they were missing some SHA-mates, members of SHA2011 gathered in Indy for some summertime fun and barbecue!

Although they were missing some SHA-mates, members of SHA2011 gathered in Indy for some summertime fun and barbecue!

Within a few days of arriving at SHA, the rumor started swirling in chats with my SHA-mates that went something like this: “within a very short time many of us would be in different positions at different organizations.” I think the rumor went as far as the inclusion of some imaginary percentages (because, what’s a good rumor without some percentages thrown in to make it more interesting!?)

Most of us didn’t take that swirling rumor too seriously—but it sure made for good, speculative, bar talk.

At the time, I was a very satisfied Historic Sites Manager for the State Historical Society of North Dakota—I wasn’t at SHA because I had any intention of leaving ND, I was there because I wanted to learn new ways to improve my organization and the historic sites that I managed. And, with the tools and networks that I gained at SHA, I like to think that I did just that in my years after SHA.

However, as I write this, nearing 4-years into my post-SHA life, I sit in my new home in Ohio—working in a different position at a different organization in a different state.

And, I’m not alone among my SHA-mates. Members of my class have seen been big geographic moves: Arizona to Indiana; Houston to Indiana; North Dakota to Ohio; Cincy to Columbus and back to Cincy; Las Cruces to Santa Fe; Kentucky to Oklahoma; you get the picture.

While not all of us made a geographic move, many of my SHA-mates either moved up within their organizations—or moved out and then up.

And, for those who have stayed with the same organization and in the same position, while they may not have moved themselves, they have certainly moved their organizations.

And, there are my SHA-mates who make me the most happy, those who have gone on to do the most important job of all—raise their babies and bring us the next generation of brilliant, historically-minded folks.

All said, in less than four years, almost all of us have moved in one sense of the word or another—different positions, different organizations, different fields, different states, different lives. Movin’, movin’, movin’.

Of course, it’s impossible to say that moves would not have happened had we not attended SHA. However, I firmly believe that SHA gave all of us the knowledge, networks, courage, and bold tenacity to make moves that have enabled us to excel as professionals and as individuals. As I watch the moves and successes of my SHA-mates, I’m filled that wonderful family-sense of pride and good feeling. Keep on movin’.

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