Step Away From the Work Email

I was talking recently with someone who is interested in applying to SHA. I was giving advice on the application essay, how to deal with being around people for three weeks (I’m an outgoing introvert so that part was a little tough for me), and how duck pin bowling is totally awesome. Inevitably the discussion turned to the question that I’m guessing comes up for everyone, which is IF and HOW you can disengage with work for three-weeks.

Thankfully my place of employment is very supportive of SHA’ers. It is understood that you are going to be immersed in this experience and that there are rarely history emergencies for which your assistance is vital.

At first I assumed I’d check email in the evenings and do some work. After about day three that stopped. I rarely checked my work email, and it wasn’t until I had only a few days left that I started to check it regularly . . . and I wish I hadn’t.

With each email I checked toward the end of SHA I was pulled a little bit more out of the SHA bubble and back into the day-to-day of staff needing help with a project or a coworker wondering where a document is. It wasn’t until I returned home that I realized how valuable that time away from all the work noise really is for being able to take a huge step back and see the big picture, which is exactly what leaders need to do.

At SHA you get to hear from amazing speakers, see great museums, and make new personal and professional connections, but the disconnecting from your day-to-day work is so very important.

We get stuck in the weeds and it becomes difficult to lift your head up and look around at the rest of the field and see what’s happening.

– by Stacia Kuceyeski

SHA 2012! The Most Wanted!

SHA 2012! The Most Wanted!

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