Welcome to the Director’s Office

– by Jamie Glavic

I’m eight weeks into my new gig at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center – which strangely feels like a homecoming. Why you ask? Because on my first day I was hugged by co-workers, knew where to put my lunch and didn’t have to ask where the restrooms were. I’ve been here before. When I attended SHA in 2011 I was the Digital and Creative Content Manager at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. The training, coaching and advice I received at SHA, and beyond by my SHA cohort, has lead me back to this special place.

In the summer of 2012 I started a new job at the Ohio History Connection. Perhaps you’ve heard of an alum or two, or more, who changed jobs after their time at SHA. I’m one of them. I left the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center to work for the Ohio History Connection. It was a challenging decision but it was the right choice for me – it was an opportunity to grow and broaden my skill set. And for nearly three years that’s what I did. I had the pleasure of working with archaeologists, archivists and librarians on a regular basis. I was part of a fantastic team that was charged with the delivery and messaging of a new organizational name and visual identity. It was exciting – and at times a bit overwhelming – but I know without a doubt I am a stronger history and communications professional for making the jump to something new.

Now, I’m back where I started.

I was an intern for the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center when I was an undergrad. I worked the ticketing desk for a year and interviewed for a Communications Assistant position. Fast forward – welcome to the Office of the Director of Marketing and Communications (that’s me!).

How did this happen?

Developing History Leaders at the Seminar for Historical Administration.

SHA is about building, cultivating and guiding leaders in the history field. What makes a leader stand out is their relationship with their organization, their colleagues and their communities. Relationships are paramount in our line of work. I maintained a great relationship with my former colleagues – presenting at conferences, brainstorming ideas, making connections for partnership opportunities and personally, never forgetting where I came from. The relationship I had with my former organization (now current) is reflective of the relationship I have with my SHA class – I am an advocate, champion and supporter.

When I describe my professional journey I can’t help but smile – I didn’t anticipate being in this position in 2012, but its 2015 and I am – and I have SHA to thank for that.

Jamie Glavic
Director of Marketing and Communications
National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

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