Class of 2009 wins the SHAmazing Class Trophy!

2009I am thrilled to report that my class won the SHAmazing Trophy this year for contributing the most money to the Denny O’Toole scholarship fund. The O’Toole scholarship funds tuition for one worthy recipient to attend Developing History Leaders @ SHA every year. Denny O’Toole means a lot to my class – we were the 50th class to attend the Seminar, and also Denny’s last class (and we had John Durel there too!). Developing History Leaders is a great value, but we know that even a modest tuition fee is too much for some individuals and institutions to support.

It feels doubly good to honor Denny and also help make it possible for someone to attend the seminar.

After the class of 2012 won the trophy last year, we challenged each other to increase the size of our donation – if you want to claim the trophy for your class this we encourage you to do the same and make your donation at Remember that the SHAmazing trophy comes with more than just bragging rights – it’s also an ice bucket that always includes a bottle of bourbon. We’ll carry it proudly this year and see if another class can take it away from us in Detroit in 2016!

Trevor Jones, Class of 2009
Director of Historical Resources, Kentucky Historical Society

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  1. Andy Albertson

    They may have won the trophy… but which class did the word SHAmazing come from? Hmmmmmmm….

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