A Member of the Class of 2013 Reflects…

SHA is a professional development program to be sure. But built within the formal leadership training is time to network and engage with peers in a deep, meaningful way.

On her personal blog, Redeveloping History, Class of 2013 member Melissa Prycer reports on the impact SHA has had on the past two years of her career.1374797_10151852708398460_583809438_n

Here’s a snippet. Be sure and read the full post.

I’m still not completely sure how I feel about Facebook’s memories that pop up unexpectedly in my feed. Over the last two weeks, four of them have been about what I was up to two years ago. I’ve never had Facebook hone in on a year quite like that before. But how on earth does Facebook know that was such a turning point in my life?

Two years ago, I was in an Indianapolis hotel room, alternating between a comfortable bed and a very uncomfortable couch with my roommate, Natalie. Luckily, we became friends almost immediately (which certainly makes sharing close quarters easier!), and now, two years later, I certainly count her among my closest friends

I can’t give credit to all of the good things that have happened in my career and at DHV to SHA two years ago. But I do know that SHA helped build my own confidence in my leadership abilities. I know I gained new tools to analyze and react to new opportunities.And, perhaps most importantly, I gained some pretty amazing friends. I’m the first of my museum educator peers to take the big step into leadership, and I was feeling pretty lonely–the museum world definitely looks different when you’re the boss. Two years ago, I found my people for this stage of my life and career.


We often say that our alumni are the best recruiters for SHA and Melissa’s post gives you an indication why that is so.

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