What is SHA?


Greetings from Nashvegas where it’s a beautiful spring sunny day. Why am I at work then?

Well, it’s to remind you that we’re hosting a free webinar next week for those curious about Developing History Leaders @SHA. The link (which I got wrong on the last email to you but I SWEAR is correct this time) is http://resource.aaslh.org/view/what-is-developing-leaders-sha/.


In this webinar, you’ll hear from SHA graduates Richard Josey (Class of 2008) of the Minnesota Historical Society and Melissa Prycer (Class of 2013) of Dallas Heritage Village and faculty member David Young of Cliveden on the basics of this longstanding leadership program.

Our goal is to answer some of the following questions about this three-week program, the longest running professional development seminar in the history field:

  • Is SHA right for you?
  • How has SHA affected graduates in their careers?
  • What actually happens at SHA?
  • How do you apply and how many applicants are accepted?

The link to the webinar, including registration information is here: http://resource.aaslh.org/view/what-is-developing-leaders-sha/.


If you have questions about SHA or the webinar, please email me.

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