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Quick Facts

Application Deadline
Applications for the Class of 2018 are due May 15, 2018
(SHA Application)

Next Seminar
October 27 – November 17, 2018

$3,200 for Tuition and Lodging (double-occupancy)

Developing History Leaders @SHA (formerly the Seminar for Historical Administration) employs case studies, workshops, forums, and field trips to present and engage the best practices and ideas of history organization leadership and management. For a full description of seminar topics, please see the 2016 SHA Curriculum and Session Descriptions.

Upcoming SHA Dates:
2018: October 27-November 17
2019: October 26-November 16

What will SHA do for me?
Nowhere else will the history professional find the breadth and strong grounding in leadership basics in such an efficient package.

  • SHA demystifies the process of becoming a leader through clear, direct, and focused conversations with some of the most gifted professionals in the field, concentrating years’ worth of mentorship into a rich, intensive three weeks.
  • SHA sheds light on the why’s and how-to’s every aspect of leadership in a historical institution with honest and challenging discussions and class sessions, sharing a wealth of new resources (both people and information) which graduates will mine for years to come.

What will SHA do for your organization?
Developing History Leaders @SHA has proven effectiveness as a training program as evidenced by the following quotes from those who have sent staff members to SHA:

“Sending members of your staff to SHA is one of the best investments an institution can make for the future. Over the last several years, the Virginia Historical Society has paid close attention to the issue of senior management succession, including my own retirement. As part that process, we sent three members of our staff to SHA to prepare them for eventual leadership positions in our institution. For that matter, my successor, Dr. Paul Levengood, had been a member of the VHS staff for eight years. Along with his own natural talents, the invaluable information he gained from his participation in SHA enabled him to step right into his new job with the aplomb of a seasoned veteran.” Charles F. Bryan, Jr., President & CEO emeritus, Virginia Historical Society and former SHA faculty member 

Break Out Session“A strategic planning session shortly after my SHA class resulted in a truly changed direction for my section – a direct result of what I had learned at SHA! The seminar has been so worthwhile that my institution has had an attendee/graduate for every year since 2005.” Laura Minzes, Deputy Director of Historic Sites, Indiana State Museum & Historic Sites and SHA Class of 2005

What are past SHA alumni doing now?
SHA alums represent the breadth and scope and diversity of the history profession. Graduates are: Historical Society Presidents and CEOs, Vice Presidents, Historians, Historic Site Directors and Managers, Historic Site and Library Administrators, Museum Directors, Education and Resource Managers, Cultural Center Directors, Outreach Services & Planning Specialists, and more!

Field Trip to Connor PrairieCost
The registration fee for this one-of-a-kind experience includes training, lodging + tax, and breakfast for approximately $3,200 (past participants recommend you budget an additional $35 per day for meals not provided, cabs, and tips).

For more information, contact John Marks at the American Association for State and Local History.



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