Why Attend?

Kelly SHA 2016E“I believe we are now overled and undermanaged. Instead of distinguishing leaders from managers, we should be seeing managers as leaders, and leadership as management practiced well.” Henry Mintzberg, McGill University

Past participants come from a wide variety of history organizations, including museums, historic sites, historical societies, cultural centers, libraries, historic preservation offices. Sometimes their institution encourages them to attend to strengthen their resources and build organizational capacity or demonstrate their commitment to staff and professional practices.  Sometimes people attend on their own to sharpen their skills or prepare for a higher level of leadership in the history field.  No matter their initial motivation, participants receive much more than they expected, leaving not only with a better sense of the challenges and opportunities in the history field, but also gaining access to resources and colleagues that last a lifetime.

What do SHA graduates say about the program?

• What do history institutions say about the program?

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